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On the 24 of July 2019 a ceremony of the presentation of the gender diagnosis of FEICOM took place at the conference hall of FEICOM. The members at the high table were:  Mrs MOTO Young Francisca, Sub Director of Gender promotion at MINPROFF Mrs MOAJA ANZEBAM Audrey, Management staff at MINDDEVEL and FEICOM’s staff. After the introduction of the members of the high table, the floor was given to the General Manger to read his welcome speech of the occasion. In his address, he said, he is pleased to open up the ceremony of the presentation of the gender diagnosis realized by the UN women. The UN Women representative on her part, congratulated the General Manger of FEICOM for his works in mainstreaming gender and his activities of empowering women in his institution. To conclude her speech, The UN Women representative said, FEICOM will be the first institution in Cameroon and in Central Africa to mainstream gender.